Why Us

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Why Us

What You Can Expect

The in90group partners share a passion for helping companies push through barriers to achieve remarkable results. After serving as CMOs, COOs, and CSOs for many years in both small, start-up style businesses as well as large, publicly traded corporations, in90group partners have first-hand knowledge about what it takes to deliver high-growth strategies for technology companies.

We leverage our deep domain expertise and proven processes to help you more precisely define your GTM strategies and select the most impactful sales and marketing tactics. And when it comes to execution, our partners know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done on-time and on-budget every time.

Relevance to Revenue™

Our Approach

We call it Relevance to Revenue™ because that’s what it is all about – defining your relevance to get you on the quickest path to revenue. Our five-step approach takes you from research-based insights all the way through content strategy and marketing planning.

in90group defines your relevance to increase your revenue
in90group helps you to achieve your goals

Our Expertise

We specialize in a few key markets, which helps us jump right in to your engagement with deep domain expertise and a fresh perspective. Healthtech, fintech and emerging tech companies fall right in our sweet spot.

90-day increments

Our Intensity

We know the business world revolves in 90-day increments, whether it’s your first 90 days on the job or your quarterly earnings reports. We get it because we’ve been there done that. Our intense 90-day engagement will get you the results you need fast.