Market Research

Better understand your target market and how to position your company for success

actionable market intelligence services

Our independent market research approach helps you better understand market trends, persona preferences and buyer insights, the most critical industry problems to solve, and how to best position your company and solution to solve these problems.

Primary Research  

We provide independent data-driven insights to help you better understand your market, evaluate the segments most likely to buy, build your ideal customer profile and personas, and build your message platform.

• Quantitative online surveys • Qualitative interviews • Focus groups

Secondary Research

We complement our primary research with a rigorous use of online search and AI technologies to build a library of published documentation that supports our primary research.

• Online search • AI platform search

Competitive Intelligence  

We help you understand what your competitors are doing, their go-to-market strategies, and their messaging to ensure a high level of differentiation and a better value proposition.

• Competitive analysis • Competitive branding and messaging

Market Expansion / M&A

If you are looking to expand your operation into new markets or segments via acquisition or de novo expansion, we help you analyze the market to understand viability, product-market fit and competitive dynamics. We may validate your strategy or save you millions in time and resources by avoiding a failed transaction or investment.

• Total addressable market • Product-market fit
people analyzing market research data on graphs and charts
actionable insights

We deliver actionable insights to inform go-to-market strategies

We keep an eye on the “so what” and design our research to provide actionable insights, employing a comprehensive research strategy, including primary, secondary, and competitive intelligence. Our market research is used to develop winning go-to-market strategies, compelling thought leadership content to drive inbound marketing, business development and acquisition strategies, and more.

Research Reports
Here are samples of our Research

Hospice & Home Health Regulatory Challenges

in90group Research surveyed leaders to determine the biggest challenges they face with quality and compliance
management, identify key pain points and openness to technologies that can address their biggest pain points.

Financial Services Digital Banking Transformation Gaps & Trends

in90group Research surveyed 100 U.S. financial institution executives from across the banking spectrum to assess the current state of digital banking and identify digital transformation strategy trends and pain points. 

Report Number Three

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